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A Polite Letter from Jaws in Legal:

To the good mammals running the Rapscallion:

We asked you to be classy and cool about differentiating yourselves from our publication. You have taken steps to do so, which we appreciate.

HOWEVER, billing yourselves as the “Unofficial Field Office of the SCAllion” remains problematic as it implies a sponsorship and relationship that does not exist. No one working for The SCAllion also works for the Rapscallion. These are two separate and independent entities, and that lack of relationship should be made clear. Please remove that language as well as any other language or images with similar meaning.

The SCA provides a vast number of opportunities for humor and there is definitely room for both of us as long as everyone plays together nicely. We will wish you well on your ventures.

We thank you in advance for your quick cooperation.

Best regards,

One thought on “A Polite Letter from Jaws in Legal:

  1. So far it seems the Rapscallion doesn’t have a blog, they just post to Facebook, so it’s pretty easy to tell the Rapscallion and the Scallion apart. Rapscallion does have an 800 number, which makes ’em seem more official, or maybe more like one of those companies that calls to try to sell a car warranty.


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