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BoD announces change to minimum garb requirements: coincidentally announces new sponsorship from UnderArmor at the same time

BARONY OF BODLINGTONE, BODLANDIA – At their recent conference call, the Society’s Directors announced changes to the minimum garb requirements for the entire Knowne World.

At that same meeting, they announced a new Society sponsorship with UnderArmor.

Board member Duchess Fatima bint Kadhija elaborated on the announcements: “The new garb requirements are simple: at least one piece of visible garb will now be required to be something from the UnderArmor company. This can be a headband, wristband, shirt, tights, socks, hats, gloves, whatever. But it should boldly display the UnderArmor brand logo to be visible to anyone looking, and not obscured by any other covering.”

Her Grace went on: “We know full well that the consecutive announcements in the same meeting of new garb requirements and the new corporate sponsorship of the Society may seem connected, but we can absolutely assure the populace Society-wide that these are purely and entirely coincidental, and have nothing to do with one another. Announcing new requirements so closely on the heels of such a lucrative sponsorship would be foolishness, and everyone knows that we, the Board, aren’t that foolish.”  

The SCAllion was able to get multiple reactions from the general populace, ranging from outrage to disbelief. The one community which seemed to have no issue with the new requirements was the fighting community, who, as a whole, reacted with a “What’s the issue?” type of response.

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