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BoD to translate all Corporate documents into Latin

BARONY OF BODLINGTONE, BODLANDIA – Citing concerns about accessibility, The Society for Creative Anachronism Board of Directors has announced a new initiative to translate Corpora and all other corporate documents into Latin. Board spokesperson Baronne Esdeline de Claravalle explained, “As it is right now, the documents are far too accessible. People can read the guidelines, for example, the Marshal’s Handbook, and realize when they are being violated. By translating them into Latin we will be able to exercise greater control over our governing documents.”

Baronne Esdeline added, “There were some challenges at first, but once we realised that ‘kydex’ declines the same way that ‘rex’ does, we felt they were not insuperable. The biggest problem was trying to find a Latin translation for ‘Corpora.”

When The SCAllion asked why that particular example was so important, the spokesperson explained that two of the current Board had won their duchies while wearing kydex armor and wanted to be sure that it would be legal in the new, Latin standards.

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