Gulf Wars

Gulf War Classifieds

Lost at war- sense of proportion. Please return to northeast corner of Duvant & Queens.

Urgent, missing- Sekrit Ingredients! Must be returned to Ansteorra before 3pm Wed. Chili night depends on it!

Found: faux Elvis. Left in Grey Niche by mistake. If yours, please claim.

Someone stole our mint! If you have spare mint, please bring it by Calontir before the rapier ravine battle.

Whoever hired the band to play outside the green dragon last night to interrupt the performance inside: you knave. I will meet you in front of the castle gate at dawn. Bring your second.

EPC seeks impeccably & appropriately dressed small urchin to pump smith bellows

Lost at war: Direction. If found, please return to the big striped sunshade at the south end of… wait, no, east? Uh, does anyone have a map?

Offered- half a kingdom and the hand of a princess*, in return for guaranteed glorious war weather, no rain, no frost, no disabling heat. Applicants must register at Gleann Abhann royal by 9 am Wed  *Pending consent and agreement of the kingdom seneschal and princess

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