Armored Combat · East

Experimental “No Cup” practice lasts exactly one day

BARONY OF SETTMOUR SWAMP, THE EAST: The SCAllion discovered recently that a variance granted by the Society Earl Marshal to try out a “No Cup” practice lasted exactly one evening of practice before being discontinued.

The East Kingdom’s popular “Nutley practice” was chosen as the forerunner for this experimental variance, but the experiment was abruptly called off after 14 knights and other fighters were sent to the hospital with a variety of injuries. Surprisingly, not all the injuries were groin-related. At least two were attributed to massive muscle strain from attempting to veer away from incoming shots that would have otherwise landed in the midsection of the afflicted fighter.

Sir Cormac of Oaken Wood was one of the few uninjured, and was willing to give The SCAllion a statement: “It felt so freeing. Who knew how constricting those things were? Too bad about all these guys, though. I know at least five of them were gearing up for a Crown run. Don’t know how that’s gonna go now. This was a great idea in theory, but damn, in practice? Wow, someone really didn’t think this one through.”

Calls and e-mails to the Society Earl Marshal have thus far gone unanswered, but The SCAllion will continue to investigate this poorly thought out variance. 

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