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Question of Oldest College in Lochac finally resolved

BARONY OF ANEALA, LOCHAC — In a stunning turn of events, a winner has been declared in the debate about the Oldest College in Lochac. The Australian Board of Directors (AusBOD) has stepped in and declared the truth of which College will be officially considered the eldest of the Kingdom’s university-based groups.

For the past three decades, the College of Saint Ursula and the College of Blessed Herman the Cripple have argued about which of their groups was founded first. The paperwork on file supports one side, while claims of actual activity and delayed paperwork support the other. The debate was settled this week, however, when the AusBOD declared the College of Saint Basil the Great to be the true oldest college in Lochac.

“While the dates on paperwork may not seem to support this decision,” an AusBOD spokesperson told The SCAllion, “We made this decision based on what felt the most true, the most right. These arguments about the oldest college have brought many wars to our fair Kingdom, and we must have peace in these difficult times. Boom boom.”

Comments from representatives of the Colleges of Saint Ursula and Blessed Herman were received but deemed equally unfit for print.

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