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Woman discovers she has enough garb for Rowany Festival, panics

BARONY OF INNILGARD, LOCHAC – Lady Winifred Chanter started preparing for Lochac’s Rowany Festival over the weekend. The almost week-long event occurs surrounding Easter, and like the Interkingdom Wars, takes significant preparation and planning. So Lady Winifred began with taking inventory of clothing pieces for her family of three. And panicked.

Somehow, she, her wife, and their 16 year old daughter had more than sufficient clothing for the six days, including weather changes, camp setup and teardown, messy classes, and court. In fact, her daughter who had claimed hand-me-downs from both her parents as well as newer pieces of her own, had an excess of appropriate clothing. 

Since this has not happened before in the 15 years the family has been in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Lady Winifred could not imagine that this state of affairs was correct and posted on Facebook, asking other people if this had ever happened to them. The answers were only somewhat reassuring, as older members stated that yes, this does, eventually, occur for most people. They didn’t need to make new garb, but they strongly advised trying every piece on to see what needed mending. Sure enough, about a third of the pieces had holes at the top of gores or at the corners of gussets, small tears, or other parts that needed tacking down or sewing up.

While this means Lady Winifred is not spending the next couple of weeks frantically pulling fabric from her stash, her wife Angharad is less pleased. “First, this means that the volume of her fabric stash won’t go down this year. And second, she expects all three of us to do our own mending! I’m supposed to be prepping the camp meal plan, and that is not something that we can just pull out from the closet.”

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