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Drachenwald to form Parliament after unpopular knight wins Crown Tournament

CANTON OF MEADOWMARSH, DRACHENWALD: The SCAllion has received breaking news out of the Kingdom of Drachenwald: the kingdom populace has voted overwhelmingly to form a Parliament in response to a wildly unpopular knight winning its most recent Crown Tournament.

In the immediate wake of Sir Basil Thromby winning its most recent Crown Tournament, Drachenwald’s populace came to the unprecedented-in-the-SCA conclusion that the only way forward is to diversify the governing structures and form a Parliament. 

Master Roderick Charles Uffington, the Kingdom Seneschal, elaborated: “Well, almost no one likes Basil, and frankly, he’s just not good Crown material. Let’s be honest, his reign would be an unmitigated disaster, and none of us want to be a part of that. So, the peerage circles all got together and discussed it, to try to find a way forward.  We thought about forming  an Icelandic style Alþingi but figured we’d need a variance for that, so we decided to use the later examples of the Swedish Riksdag and English Parliament. We already have a step up over the East Kingdom’s Runnymede, in that the Crown has to have read and agreed to follow Kingdom law. Now we’re having the changes we need read into law, and moving forward from there. We’ve already got a number of nominees from all ranks and disciplines, and we’ll be holding kingdom-wide elections in the coming weeks. We will likely meet virtually for a while, until we can all get our feet under us, then we’ll work toward in person meetings. The Kings can sit on their thrones, and give out awards all they want, but we’re not going to allow them to run this kingdom into the ground.”

Maistresse Alisoun du Calais, a spokesperson for the Masters of Defense, agreed with the Seneschal. “It is among the rights and duties of a peer of the realm to defend it against incompetence. This is why many of us will stand for election in the coming weeks, to counteract a King selected by right of arms.”

The SCAllion will continue to observe this rapidly changing situation, and will report on further developments as they emerge. Sir Basil couldn’t be reached for comment, and his household has made it clear they do not recognize any efforts to form a Parliament.

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