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New Gleann Abhann Laurel uses dysentery spread data to expand research into practical bubonic plague study in home group

BARONY OF AXEMOOR, GLEANN ABHANN – Newly minted Laurel Mestre Antoni Bourdelain (of recent dysentery spread fame) has expanded his infectious disease spread research to include the famed Black Death, also known as the bubonic plague.

Bubonic plague, also known by its scientific name Yersinia pestis, is primarily transmitted by flea-bitten rats, but also found in other forms of wildlife such as chipmunks and other rodents. Bourdelain’s expanded research, centered on his home barony’s main city of New Orleans, is reaping immediate results, with the city and state’s public health authorities responding in a mass wave of quarantine and isolation for Axemoor’s environs.  In detailing his research, Bourdelain explained that he had released three rats, a nutria, and a chipmunk, all humanely trapped using period methods, and would track them with a bit of modern technology: GPS trackers attached to period medieval collars.

The SCAllion interviewed New Orleans’ director of public health, who explained that she had “never seen anything on this scale since 1921,” and that research to find the correct trash collection bins from that period would contribute heavily in stopping the spread of the disease.

However, Gleann Abhann’s royalty and Laurels were duly impressed with the depth and commitment to live research which Mestre Bourdelain was so clearly displaying. It was noted, however, that much of the circle was unavailable for comment due to quarantine measures.

When contacted by phone in a later interview, Mestre Antoni’s response was the following: “Aw, shucks. I was just tryin’ a new recipe with scavenged resources, in this case, rat. Who knew THIS was’a gonna happen . . . again?”.

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