College students develop alternative to the SCA: complaints about “not enough old farts”

SHIRE OF WHITE MOUNTAIN, OUTLANDS – The SCAllion was privileged to be able to visit recently with a small group of students from the Alamogordo School of Nuclear Physics and Cosmetology, mostly from the History department, and learn that they have independently developed an alternative to the Society for Creative Anachronism. However, there are already complaints flying among the group: There aren’t enough old farts in this bunch!

President of the new, as yet unnamed organization, junior Sophie Kreigensburger, elaborated: “Some of us went to a few events here in, what do they call it? The ‘Outlands’? How creative a name they came up with. Anyway, we went to a few events to get an idea of what to do with this, and frankly, we’re discovering a distinct lack of, for lack of a better term, Old Farts.” Kreigensburger went on to say: “We have no one to telling us how things used to be! No one to explain or offer to demonstrate, in gory detail, old dudes hitting on young women as a ‘period’ practice! Add to that, we haven’t heard one person say “You know, back in our day….””.

The SCAllion would like to wish this new organization all the best of luck, and, given time, knows they will absolutely develop their own cadre of old farts to complain about “These damn kids don’t know how it used to be!” 

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