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The SCAllion Presents: Good Garb Bingo!

BARONY OF HOLLEKE TOR, KINGDOM OF AETHER – In the northern hemisphere, it is coming up on the Serious Outdoor Event Season (Sorry, Lochac, enjoy your winter). As our contribution to the most common activity of the Society while sitting around with your beverage of choice – people watching – we present to you: Good Garb Bingo. 

Many are the tales of Bad Garb Bingo, played at wars and large events throughout the SCA. We here at The SCAllion are much more about encouraging people to be their best selves, and if we can enable that by finding things to praise about the efforts of those strolling by on a quiet summer afternoon, all the better. 

At the link below are 30 randomized bingo cards, with positive things to spot about other people’s clothing. We suggest that someone only counts for one square per outfit – while that Elizabethan Laurel could give you bingo all on their own, pick the one that you feel is the best choice for that set of apparel. (For example: His Highness walking by in three different outfits can be counted for three squares, once per set of garb.)

We highly encourage folks to bring these to their local events! Get to meet the well-dressed people in your kingdom neighborhoods!

If someone really impresses you with their dress, why don’t you tell them? Ask questions about who created what aspects and how, and make notes on your bingo card of people to write in for awards. Praise and recognize people for their efforts, and you, too, will shortly be able to yell “bingo!” from under your awning.

Click here to download your Good Garb Bingo Cards!

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