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BoD announces new communication policy includes Latin requirement 

BARONY OF BODLINGTONE, KINGDOM OF BODLANDIA — Today the Board of Directors announced a new hierarchical policy for member communications.  Board spokesperson Baronne Esdeline de Claravalle explained the rationale, “We receive far too much feedback for us to read, much less understand, and so we have taken some proactive steps to reduce our volume of correspondence.  The first step was to translate all Corporate documents in Latin.  (“Our next, bold, new initiative is a hierarchical communication policy.”)

The spokesperson outlined the main points:

  • In general, all communication to the Board must be in Latin
  • Royal Peers may use the vernacular
  • Bestowed Peers may use Pig Latin
  • Those without Arms may only communicate in aggregate by nominating a Tribune of the Rabble to speak for them.  Each Tribune must represent at least one hundred non-Armigers, who must submit to the Tribune three forms of documentation, at least one of which must be government issued picture ID, and one of which must be an original credit card statement with an address and a charge for at least one SCA related purchase.  (Alcohol and gas are always considered valid.)

Any Latin must be grammatically and syntactically correct, the Board will be checking translations via ChatGPT, and any found lacking will be discarded unread.

The SCAllion pointed out that given the worldwide scope of the SCA, the vernacular included French and Spanish, at the least, in North America alone, and that the predominant language in Drachenwald was Swedish.

Baronne Esdeline replied, “By vernacular, of course, we mean English.”

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