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Things that 125 is one-half of one percent of, a non-exhaustive list

BARONY OF BODLINGTONE, BODLANDIA – We here at The SCAllion are no strangers to investigative journalism and research. It is in that spirit that we have, for no particular reason, compiled a list of things that 125 is roughly one-half of a percent of.  

  • Population of Winston-Salem, NC
  • Board stipends (total)
  • Number of people about to not renew their membership of some kind
  • London taxis, unless you need one
  • Empty beer bottles produced daily at Pennsic
  • Nearby spiders
  • Pizzles on heraldic beasts
  • Unwritten guidelines for “community standards”
  • Kia Niros sold in the United States in 2019
  • Blue whales
  • Ways to say “Snow” in Aleutian
  • Ways to leave your lover (adjusted for inflation)
  • Stamps depicting authoritarian dictators
  • Calories in poutine
  • Bugs in a Christmas tree
  • Incorrect ways to apologize

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