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Letters to the Editor – April 2023

[Letters contained herein are completely made up and unreflective of the actual letters we have received.  If you would like to contribute your own Letter to the Editor to be answered, you may send in your Letter to the Editor here:]

Dear Editor, 

I find myself in the unenviable position of writing you a missive of complaint. How dare you suggest that the royalty of the known world would attempt to set a universal time for the SCA. That is utterly ridiculous, since we’ve already done it. Everyone knows that SCA standard time is “about 45 minutes after the schedule says it is”

Dear Reader, 

Please let me know how things go when every war court is late, and you hear the grumblings of children and the lamentations of their mothers as a nine-o’clock bedtime rolls near. 


The SCAllion

Dear Editor, 

As you can tell from the email, I am Jack Bearhunter, the SCA president. I need you to do a chore for me – to purchase Google Play gift cards from Target or any other nearby store. Let me know when you receive this email for the amount and denominations you are to purchase then look forward to my response. Could you please email me back?

Dear Reader, 

Normally, I wouldn’t respond to this sort of email, instead, it would go straight into the spam folder. 

That said, we just got contacted for the United Nations Democracy Fund, and in the interest of bringing democracy to the SCA, we actually just gave them your cards. 

Sorry about that!

The SCAllion

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