Goody Advice: Vaguebooking, status quo, and more

Do you have a burning question about a situation that happened in the SCA and want to ask Goody? You can write to Goody at this form. Questions may be truncated for publication, and submitted questions may not be answered.

Dear Goody,
I’m really bad at vaguebooking on social media about SCA stuff.
Any advice on how to get better at it? 
– #Vague

Dear Vague,

If you would really like guidance and community standards for best practices in vaguebooking, I can only suggest you look to the highest levels of SCA leadership for examples. 

If you would like to be a better SCAdian, quit vaguebooking.

Hope this helps, 

-Goody Advice

Dear Goody, 
Why can’t you just leave well enough alone and let the status be quo? You’re hurting the Society.
-A Good Ol’ Boy’s Club Member

Dear Ol’ Boy

Am I though? Am I?

Are you pining for your Good Ol’ Days of off-color jokes and being a big man?  Do you miss all the little ladies who you thought needed your defending? Are those golden days the brightest part of your memory?

Or, did you peak years ago and are holding on to a title to retain some semblance of the power you once thought you wielded? Hint: you never had any. Those jokes were never funny and people laughed because they were super uncomfortable or as painfully out of touch as you. The little ladies probably didn’t need your help, but every so often it’s nice to have someone carry your crap so they rolled with it. Those days were only golden for you but if you nick the surface of those Good Ol’ Days, you will find they were only barely gilded. Only microns of fake gold is keeping you from reality. 

The reality is that we have moved on without you and if you can’t keep up, we really are ok with that. Your Good Ol’ Boys can eat our Good Ol’ Dust as we work toward a future better for everyone, not just you and your dudebros.

Hope this helps,

-Goody Advice

Dear Goody,
I have a shameful secret: I’m not good at crafts. Patterns are a mystery to me, and my hands do their own thing no matter how often I try to tell them to stay in the lines. I love history and learning, and I contribute to my group by volunteering for officer roles and event staff, but it often feels like if you’re not making something or hitting something, the cool kids don’t see you. How do you get “in” if your skills are all in your head and not your body?
-Taking the “Create” Out of “Recreation”

Dear Create,

The work of officers and event staff is the bedrock of our Society. Without people like you, there are no events where artists can gather to make things and fighters can compete in tournaments. You are creating the world in which all of us come together and make the SCA.

Forget the foibles of the Board, the dumb politics, and the needless drama. They may be our sad present and sometimes sadder past, but it is the work of our volunteers and our dreamers to plan our sustainable and enjoyable future in this hobby and to make it better than it is now. So right now, we need you most of all. As we move forward, it will only be the work of our volunteers and people with skills in their head that can create change.

Never belittle the work you do because we need you to believe in the worth of your work. Create better events, improve our structure, work with transparency and understand that we need you. Collect the help of others and with them, create a future for all of us. As you make connections, tap members of the arts and fighting communities and invite them to assist behind the scenes. Let them see and touch the efforts that create the game side of the Society, and I am pretty certain that you will find yourself at the center of the in-crowd.

Hope this helps,

-Goody Advice

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