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SCA Affiliate releases new Sanction Guide

SHIRE OF MARE AMETHYSTINUM, NORTHSHIELD – A newly approved SCA-Canada affiliate organization, SCAnada, has released their own sanctions guide with some changes to the main Society for Creative Anachronism’s traditional punishments of banishment: revocation of membership and denial of participation, known as an R&D.

“We got tired of having to explain to the Board that their process for R&Ds ran against the the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) ,” explained Baron Dermot O’Gormogan, the Board representative of SCAnada, “so we decided it was better to create a better system more in line with Canadian law, eh?”

Detailed within this new sanctions guide are administrative sanctions such as suspension and removal of officers, suspension of marshal’s warrants, and barring from participation in certain activities depending on the severity of the infractions. The changes outlined in the new sanctions guides also include the reasons for sanctions, noting the differences in Canadian and US law.

  • Under Section 1.B “Behavior that places the SCA in disrepute such as, but not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, affiliation with Nazis, QAnon, or other extremist groups.
  • Under Section 3.A.2 Removal from Office of a Warranted Kingdom Officer or Deputy: now includes the provision that warrants may not be removed for following Kingdom law rather than unwritten tradition.
  • Under Section 3.A.3 Kingdom Officers may immediately suspend from all activities anyone who starts a sentence with “I’m not a racist, but”
  • Under Section 3.A.4 additions to the list of Administrative Actions as follows: “Such actions may include, but are not limited to, removal of permission to: wear a white belt with sweat pants, wear Laurel leaves more than twice the size of actual laurel leaves, using actual blood in a Pelican badge, wearing a MoD collar without a shirt, wearing more than 2 bells attached to garb and wearing every Pennsic badge you have ever received.” 
  • Under Section 4.A.1 Banishment from the Royal Presence now also allows for the accidental and incidental breach of the 50 feet rule “any banished individual accidentally coming within 50 feet of the Crown must, within 5 seconds, remove themselves from the Royal presence while dancing a sprightly jig.
  • Under Section 4.B.1 Exile from the Kingdom is changed to “This does not preclude participation in activities in other non-Canadian, non-gun controlled Kingdoms.”
  • Under Section 4.C.5.f the explanation of behavior that can be sanctioned now includes but is not limited to, bullying, harassment, poking your nose in other people’s business, non-consensual seam checks, and exploiting Peer-fear. 
  • Under Section 4.D. Emergency Temporary Removal from Participation now includes a provision for the use of a trebuchet, catapult, ballista, or another handy way to remove the participant from an event.
  • Under Section 7.A. Appealing a Kingdom Sanction now includes the provision that an unsuccessful appeal can trigger the general mockery of society at large that you have been kicked out of a hobby group for being a hoser.

Several members of cross-border kingdoms have welcomed the new governing documents for the new corporate entity and are beginning to push that their kingdoms comply primarily with the Canadian affiliate.

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