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Singer Seal admits hit song “Kiss From A Rose” about secret affair with SCA Countess.

SHIRE OF TRIVIUM, DRACHENWALD – In a shocking revelation, the singer Seal admitted to The SCAllion that his hit song “Kiss From a Rose” was in fact about a secret affair with a countess from the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The singer, while promoting his upcoming European tour admitted, “I’m not going to name names, because a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, but in my younger days, I was, let us say, involved with a Countess from Drachenwald.”  He went on record to tell us that they spent a lot of time together one winter, which led to the lines, “But did you know, when it snows, my eyes become large, and the light that you shine can’t be seen,” further adding that “she was just utterly enchanting in grey, although she told me it was argent.  But argent is hard to rhyme to, doesn’t have the right meter.”

The SCAllion asked Seal about the origins of other lines in the song, to which he smiled enigmatically with a raised eyebrow and said “that is between myself and my lovely countess.”

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Celtic queen spotted in Roman garb – is she betraying her roots?

SHIRE OF HARTSHORN-DALE, EAST KINGDOM –  Last weekend at Kingdom Bardic Champions, Brenhines Corotica of the East was spotted wearing the clothing of Imperial Rome. Their Majesty is said to have always been against the rampant imperialism and colonialism of Rome upon her beloved Wales, and yet they were spotted in tunica, stola, and palla, trimmed in Imperial purple. 

The Roman armies invaded England and Wales, laying waste to the lands that Corotica calls home, and yet there she was, in the clothing of the oppressor state. The SCAllion was asked to investigate if they were going to be worthy of the Rose for the betrayal of siding with Rome – more on this story as it develops.